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Lam Pei

香港插畫師,愛以插畫、漫畫及紙糊為創作媒介。現任香港插畫師協會副會長(2019-2021)、曾任香港插畫師協會司庫(2014-2016)。2012年創作「女飛賊蘇飛Flying Sofye」角色並開始發掘背後故事。2012年開始出現於香港的不同商場活動。近年推出搪膠系列並參與海外潮流玩具展覽,包括:北京、上海、日本、泰國、台北等;2018年推出漫畫分享蘇飛的歴險故事,更是林皮對生活的珍惜之情。最近更透過「第七屆動畫支援計劃」製作三分鐘短片分享蘇飛的歷險故事。

Born and based in Hong Kong, Lam Pei is a visual artist who records her life through illustration, comics and paper mache. Vice chairman (2019-2021) and Hon. Treasurer (2014-2016) of Hong Kong society of illustrators. Lam Pei has been exploring the stories of “Flying Sofye Series”, while the characters in the series started appearing in different shopping mall activities in Hong Kong. In recent years, Lam Pei Studio has also launched related Vinyl Toys and exhibited them in different international trendy toy shows in Beijing, Shanghai, Japan, Thailand, Taipei, etc. Supported by the “Seventh Animation Support Program”, Lam Pei’s latest “Flying Sofye” project is a three-minute short film animation on Flying Sofye’s adventure story.

Lam Pei Studio

林皮工作室現主力發展插畫品牌:Flying Sofye (2013)及Lonely Bear (2019)的插畫創作及授權項目;產品包括Figure玩具、紙品及布藝產品等。曾合作的客戶:青衣城、銅鑼灣東角Laforet、日清合味道杯麵、荔園、Monster Inc.(Headphone)、香港國際機場、鷺偲文創(上海)、Art@ware (上海)、默默文創(台灣)、新鴻基地產(APM商場)、九龍建業(始創中心)、陽光房地產(上水中心及新都城一期)、香港貿發局及香港觀鳥會等。

Lam Pei Studio is currently developing two signature illustration brands “Flying Sofye”(2012) & “Lonely Bear”(2019). Its production and art licensing projects not only include prints but also extends to various products like designer toys and textile goods. She has worked with clients such as: Maritime Square, Causeway bay Laforet, Nissin, Lai Yuen, Monster Inc. (Headphone), Hong Kong international Airport, Art@ware (Shanghai), MasMas(Taiwan), Sun Hung Kai Properties (APM), Kowloon Development Company Limited (Pioneer Centre), Sunlight REIT (Sheung Shui Centre Shopping Arcade & Metro City Plaza 1), Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, etc.

- Solo Exhibitions -

2017/12   「在遺忘之前」- 生活在他方.台北
Before We Forget at elsewhere café, Taipei, Taiwan;

2016/7     「剩夏」- Boom Gallery & Cafe.上環
Running out of Midsummer at Boom Gallery & Cafe, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong;

2015/5     「那城憶記」- 靠邊走藝術空間.台北
Somewhere Out There II at Wrong Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan;

2013/8     「想像蔓延」- Boom Gallery & Cafe.上環
Creeping Imagination at Boom Gallery & Cafe, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong;

2012/9     「失衡」- 賽馬會創意藝術中心5樓公共空間.石硤尾
Imbalance at Common Space, 5/F, JCCAC, Hong Kong;

2011/4     「Before After」 – 賽馬會創意藝術中心L5-23 Sugar Ink Studio.石硤尾
Before After at L5-23 Sugar Ink Studio, JCCAC, Hong Kong

- Selected Exhibitions -

2016/12         「未消失的餐桌故事」- 綠光原創.台中
Undisappearing table story at Green Ray Originality Integrator, Taichung, Taiwan;

2015/03         「MobArt x Detour」- PMQ.上環
MobArt x Detour at Room S310, PMQ, Hong Kong

2014/9           「那城憶記」Lam Pei x Ivan Wong – Boom Gallery & Cafe.上環
Somewhere out there – Lam Pei x Ivan Wong at Boom Gallery & Cafe, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong;

2009/11   「Ups and Downs」- ANNA LI x LAM PEI- 賽馬會創意藝術中心二樓平台.石硤尾
Ups and Downs – ANNA LI x LAM PEI at Podium, 2/F, JCCAC, Hong Kong;


Flying Sofye™


The gentle, pretty, lively yet mysterious image of Flying Sofye reminds us the heroic character in 60-70s Hong Kong movie, “The Black Rose”, who steals from the corrupted rich and gives to the desperate poor. However, Flying Sofye could not do anything except exploring the story behind old things and people.

- Events -

2019/12   VWalk/ Vcity「蘇飛聖誕遊樂園」
Flying Sofye Xmas Playground, VWalk / Vcity, Hong Kong

2019/12   廣州IGC天匯廣「蘇飛與雪國朋友」
Flying Sofye and Friends from Snow Country, IGC, Guangzhou

2018/10   鑼灣東角商「東角X蘇飛神秘魔幻世界」
Flying Sofye Mysterious Magic World, Causeway Bay LAFORET, Hong Kong

2016/7     荔園Super Summer「蘇飛奇幻世界」
Flying Sofye Fantasy World, Lai Yuen Super Summer 2016 at AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong

2015/12   上水中心及新都城一期「蘇飛北密令」
Flying Sofye Secret Mission from Nordic City at Sheung Shui Centre & MCP1, Hong Kong

2013/09   中心商「蘇飛中秋星際遊園」
The Autumn Star Playground of Flying Sofye at Pioneer Centre, Mongkok, Hong Kong

2012/04   APM「復活蘇飛夢幻園」
The Easter Paradise of Flying Sofye at APM shopping mall, Hong Kong

- Awards -


Best Young Property Award-Silver Award of Hong Kong Licensing Awards 2015


The second runner-up of The Best Illustration (Self – Initiation & For Sale), The 3rd Greater China Illustration Awards, Hong Kong Society of illustrators