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How We Met

Hong Kong is a very interesting place — A small place that gathers people from all directions to settle here. The same is true of my parents; in search of a better life, my previous generations relocated from Chaoyang, Guangzhou, to Indonesia, but left Indonesia to mainland China to continue their studies because of the Chinese exclusion. At that time my parents did not know each other, but they boarded the same boat. They went to college together, graduated, went out and finally got married. Afterwhich, due to my mother’s bad health, my father decided to settle in Hong Kong. Since then, they lived in Hong Kong for the rest of their lives, and I was able to be born on this piece of land.

My parents’ story has always fascinated me. As if flipping through chapters and pages, you get to see life in a disappeared era. In this piece, I presented my parents’ past in the form of a three-dimensional installation. In addition to presenting the objects that had been scattered in the past via illustrations, the seagull becomes a motif that connects with the past, symbolizing the time that has disappeared. Every past is an act of fate. Do you know any stories too, about your parents that are about to be forgotten?