Before After – JCCAC (Hong Kong)


Creation Year: 2010-2011

The concept of “Before After” comes from the idea of reimagining old objects. I remember back in my student days many years ago, the first time I saw someone drawing on a washboard, I was deeply intrigued. The power of it felt like transferring fantasies onto objects that lacked substance, giving me a magical sensation.

Until recently, over the past couple of years, I’ve encountered many old objects by chance. Sometimes, seeing an old wooden ladder laid out in front of someone’s house, or some furniture abandoned in front of the trash room, I felt the urge to bring them home and incorporate my imagined scenes into them, transforming them into objects with a different purpose. I don’t know if the drawings I put on these old objects have brought them back to life, but at least, after completing each piece, I feel like I’ve taken another step forward, entering into another stage of my journey.

“Before After” was exhibited at L5-23 Sugar Ink Studio, JCCAC, Hong Kong.

66 x 80 cm, Acrylic on old Vintage Wood, 2010
Track Correction
20 x 31cm, Acrylic on vintage wood
My intention
27 x 39 cm,Acrylic on vintage wood