>> Stop-motion Animation - Thief Sophie & Black White Rabbit 2011 (POPUP)


Sophie is a manifestation of a unique ideology. She perceives things with an expectation that stemmed from her personalized idealism. And her fortitude is always portrayed from a feminine perspective: toughly has she fought gloom and loneliness despite the very fear of them; wittily has she coined a hundred ways out to save herself in a world that is repelling or frustrating at times.

Sophie has an elastic body that can change its size for her journeys across spaces. Her wanderlust is specially drawn to vintage objects and ruins where she hunts for the “treasures”. She always works magic with the forsaken, turning them into truly worthy treasures. Therefore, Sophie is often staged in vintage setting, so as to reinforce the sense of intense contrast within. Learn to treasure, is indeed what the transformed “treasures” ultimately convey.

Thief Sophie
Paper Mache